Rhins of Galloway

South West Scotland Rhinsof Galloway

South West Scotland towards the Mull of Galloway

The Rhins of Galloway South West Scotland

“If your idea of heaven is unspoilt villages, unpolluted air, lush pastures and quiet country lanes, then pack your bags for the Rhins of Galloway, a stunning peninsula in South West Scotland”  This quote from the book 52 Weekends by the Sea sums up the Rhins of Galloway better than we ever could!

The Rhins of Galloway have an mild, maritime climate courtesy of the Gulf Stream.The local climate is quite different to the rest of Galloway & South West Scotland. This is one of the reasons you see Chuson Palms and Euclyptus trees in the area, plus many other species from more exotic locations.

Our mild climate has resulted in many outstanding gardens open to the public, notable being Logan Botanic Garden, Castle Kennedy Gardens, Ardwell House Gardens and Dunskey Garden.

The Rhins have many beaches to explore. Being relatively flat there are many opportunities for walking and cycling. There are also many lovely villages to explore and the spectacular Mull of Galloway, Scotland`s Lands End is a must visit.

south west scotland Corsewall lighthouse

Corsewall Lighthouse South West Scotland

One of the most outstanding features of the Rhins can only be seen at night – the stars! With very low levels of light pollution, visibility on a clear night is astonishing, even without a telescope. With plenty of accommodation on offer locally, visiting the Rhins in winter is worthwhile; room rates can be cheaper, roads less busy, plenty of winter migrant species flying in and unrestricted views of Orion, the Galactic Arm and even the Northern Lights!

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Rhins of Galloway image by Cameron Anderson

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52 Weekends by the Sea is by Brigid Benson and Craig Easton